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Founded in 2001, Klizub Companyís mission is to provide the Ukrainian market with high-quality, inexpensive consumable materials and parts for office and printing equipment. The company consists of a number of sole proprietors and companies.

Today, the company is successfully achieving its goals. Klizubís variety of goods and services is increasing annually, and its staff is growing as the company expands its business and gains greater share of the Ukrainian market.

The company is presently organized into the following departments:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Purchasing and Distribution
  • Sales (including equipment, consumable materials, and spare parts)
  • Services (including technical support, mini-publishing house, and shipping service)

The company has a strong team of highly qualified staff, and it owns its own offices, showrooms, and warehouses. The companyís owned infrastructure also includes:

  • An internal communication system with 48 telephone lines, fax facilities, and an internal server;
  • An Internet server, leased Internet connection, Web site, email, and specialized licensed program software;
  • A fleet of delivery vehicles; and
  • A mini-publishing house.

Klizubís primary activities are:

  • Sale of office equipment, printing equipment, equipment peripherals, spare parts, and consumable materials;
  • Complete maintenance of copying and duplicating machines;
  • Printing services on our own equipment; and
  • Full-service design and publishing via our mini-publishing house.

The company specializes in digital copying and printing equipment from major manufacturers such as Riso, Duplo, Ricoh, Nashuatec, Gestetner, Rex-Rotary, Seiky, Savin, and Kinboh. Klizub also offers a full spectrum of spare parts and consumable materials, both original and compatible, for Katun, Daito, Janibis, Aebo, O-AT Fullmark, Stylo, Rito, and Rize. By representing such a wide range of suppliers, Klizub is able to offer the best balance of price and quality.

Klizubís operating priorities are:

  • Importing equipment and materials (Asia - 80%, Europe -12%, India Ė 5%, North America Ė 3%);
  • Distributing products;
  • Introducing new brands and trademarks into the Ukrainian market;
  • Searching non-Ukrainian producers and supporting business negotiations;
  • Representing the interests of producers and trade companies in Ukraine;
  • Arranging business meetings; and
  • Providing informational support about Ukraine (including interpreting).

The companyís philosophy is based on providing qualified assistance to customers in resolving upcoming issues. You will receive all recommendations needed for taking the best decision!

We are interested in further development of our stable position in the market. We are ready to carry out orders at any level of complexity, with individual approach and creative thinking.

We welcome mutually beneficial cooperation.


Dear Colleagues in the printing business,
"KLIZUB" Company regularly purchases the digital duplicators (risographs), vibrating rollers, ink and masters in big quantity. We take a special interest in used digital duplicators of the trade mark "RISO" CR, GR, RN, RP, RZ Series. We are also interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with You.

In its turn KLIZUB Company is ready to propose you the spare parts for digital duplicators RISO, RICOH, DUPLO, GESTETNER, NASHUATEC, REX-ROTARY, SEIKY, SAVIN, RONDA, KENBOH, and consumables of the trade mark "KLIZUB"

Ink and masters for digital duplicators "KLIZUB" are the high quality products. This quality can only be compared with original consumables of the well known brands from around the world. Our price policy is very favorable for long-term and beneficial business, especially nowadays during stagnation of the economic activity and decrease of the purchasing capacity.

Please send us your proposals, questions and feedbacks to info@klizub.com

Dear colleagues in the printing business!

"Klizub" Company has been working on the market of Ukraine since 2001.

Our specialization is digital duplicators (risographs) of such trademarks as Riso, Duplo, Ricoh, Gestetner, Nashuatec, Rex-Rotary.

At the moment our company is interested in regular supply of used digital duplicators from EU and UK from the stocks of printing machines utilizersí.

Especially we are interested in digital duplicators Riso: RZ370, EZ370, RZ200, EZ200, RP3700, RZ970, EZ970 and risographs RN2100, RN2000, CR1610, RP3105, RP3505 and others. Also we are interested in spare parts such as vibrating rollers, rollers and interfaces.

If you are interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with our company, please contact us at info@klizub.com.

All details of our cooperation will be considered and discussed during face-to-face encounter.

Best regards, Artem Klizub

Of. 5, 71/1 Saltivske Shose, Kharkiv, 61038 Ukraine
+3 (8-057) 751-96-30